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Welcome.  My name is Jim Petelin and I founded Plane Answers  in August 2004, with the purpose of crafting fine, wood furniture that is functional, comfortable, and beautiful.

I was born and raised in Northeast Ohio and have lived here for my entire life.  Most of my furniture projects are made from wood that is grown right here in Ohio and Pennsylvania.  Black Cherry, Maple, and Oak are my favorites and I am grateful that these woods are plentiful here. 

Ever since I can remember, I have been fascinated with wood.   I love that God made  trees  to help us live and breathe.  He made them to give us food, shade,  life-saving drugs, building materials,  etc.   I love that I can take wood from a tree that has already given so much and shape it into furniture.  The beauty and function of the tree lives beyond its own lifetime- something for which all of us should strive.

I have been crafting  furniture for nearly 15 years. It is truly satisfying and  gets more enjoyable with each project.   I am inspired by the simplicity, elegance, and craftsmanship of the Shakers.  The beauty of exposed joinery that is celebrated by the Arts and Crafts movement and taken to a higher level by Greene and Greene are thrilling to me.  It is from them, that I am heavily influenced.

I am passionate about building furniture and  take great pleasure in making heirloom pieces that bring joy to my customers.  I pay close attention to the details - each piece is crafted with patience, love, and skill.  In a sense, each piece is almost like my own children - I spend quality time and provide an outpouring of love and attention.  While you can purchase mass-produced furniture from a retail store, nothing compares to furniture that is custom made just for you.  It is crafted with you in mind with specifications to please you. 

I am a one-man shop.  Responsibility for your piece of furniture begins and ends with me.  You and I will work together during the initial order , through delivery and beyond.  Even after  receiving your furniture,  you may call or email me with questions.  My goal is that you are ecstatic about your entire experience and desire more furniture .  It is my privilege to serve you and I embrace the opportunity to work with you. 

Thanks for visiting my website.  Enjoy the journey! 



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